Big Bootyjooty's Blogging Adventure

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How Big Bootyjooty came to be….

Hi.  My name is Mindy and I’m a “fattie”.  At least that is the pop culture term for not being a size 3 that is thrown around by my 17 year old daughter, Princess Jameson, and her ilk (i.e. waif like teenagers).  

She, of course, would never call me that( to my face).  She is all that is goodness and light.  She emanates butterflies and sparkles, just as she did when she was three years old in her angel halloween costume.ImageShe is my sunshine.  My only sunshine.  She makes me happy when skies are gray.  Usually…..Until one day she started smacking my butt in the grocery store.

She started with a one cheek light tap.  It didn’t really phase me much. My Sig-O does this often.  When he first started this practice it used to be jarring (he isn’t a light patter, more of a quick smacker, like he is ready to run quickly after gaging my response.  Dipping his toe in the water of my wrath, so to speak) .  I guess the sheer vastness of my badonkadonk begs to be patted….  but UNLIKE my Sig-O, my daughter followed this little exercise in mindless curiosity with this observation…

” It jiggles….  you need to do some squats.”  

Since I felt the oceanic ripples after her pats, how could I argue with THAT logic?

 Later, as we stood at the checkout, she once again started patting my fleshy Nether Parts.  It went down something like this…



pat pat….


And then she said, outloud, in checkout lane #3, ” You’re  a Big Booty Judy!!” and from that day forward I embraced my new handle with relish.  Sweet pickle relish and a half bag of  shredded cheese, apparently, since I am still struggling with weight loss.  

Shorty after my new nickname came into fruition (and BTW Jameson never called me that again.  But I do.  In my head.  Alot.) I saw a picture of myself.   Seeing a current picture of myself is a rare occassion since  I avoid cameras like the plague.   Seeing that picture coupled with my new handle, I have decided that I need to focus on, gaze intently, contemplate seriously, highly consider, losing some weight…


If your confused, I’m the one on the left.  The one with the plump elbow.


The idea for this blog came to me this morning while I was scouring the web for healthy recipes.  I was seriously considering trying to take up wine tasting for breakfast as my new hobbie but thought I’d  experiment with healthy cooking first.  Perhaps this blog will replace my current hobby of  wrestling, and then saying “uncle”  to my nightly passion for a glass or three of wine from Marlborough and then scouring the cupboard for leftover salty snacks my son didn’t wolf down with reckless abandoned.  This is how I’ve attempted to “relax” in the evening and as you can see from my picture it has had it’s consequences.  The fat is from the salty snacks and wine.  The smile?  Well, that’s just the wine…..  



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